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MuniApp gives you access to San Francisco’s MUNI and BART transit system on the go with real-time predictions.

Features Overview:

  • Locate nearby MUNI stops and their respective bus routes, with quick access to Google map.
    • Find yourself in an unfamiliar part in San Francisco, and not sure what are the MUNI lines around you? Using the “Nearby” page, get the list of nearby stops and bus lines based on your current location.
  • Quick navigation to access MUNI and BART prediction information.
    • Select a route or stop, and MuniApp will display the current prediction for the nearest stop based on your location.
    • Need more information on a stop? Select it, and MuniApp will display all the other routes that goes through this stop, with their current prediction times and location with a Google Map view.
  • Bookmark your most frequently used stop.
    • Bookmark your most used stops with just one click.
    • Sort the bookmarks by location, date added or alphabetically.

And don’t forget to check out the screenshots gallery!


  • What's the most effective way to broadcast that there is an app update to users who do not actively check for updates in the AppStore ? 5 years ago
  • Update on the way v1.5.6, pending review by AppStore. Changes include: schedule update, fix for the "No prediction" message. 5 years ago


  • RT @noteapp: noteapp 1.2.1 update is up on AppStore. Update your copy to get the latest bug fixes. 6 years ago

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